Ocean, Lakes, Waterfalls, and Streams of Maine

When it comes to water, Maine has it all! From the ocean, to the lakes, to the mountain streams, you will find all the water fun  you could ever want. Maine has over 2,200 lakes. Yes, it’s true. They are dotted with cabins and campgrounds that fill each year, not only with summer residents, but also Maine residents.

Maine Lakes

Maine Lakes

Fishing, swimming, and boating are family favorites at Maine lakes. There are plenty of rentals available for every preference. You’ll find cabins, motels, rv camps, and plenty of tenting sites also. From fancy to rustic taste, you will enjoy your stay in Maine.

Maine Beaches

Old Orchard Beach - Maine

 Pack up the sunscreen, the bug spray, the sunglasses, the bathing suits, the kids, and the family dog and head for a relaxing vacation in Maine!


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