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Maine Moose Cow - Grafton Notch

Maine Moose Cow

Grafton Notch State Park is one of my favorite places in the world. Its beauty is rugged and stark at times, and soft and muted at other times. It is breathtaking all year round. Fall is my favorite time of year in Maine, and today, amidst some serious rain, was a beautiful day to enjoy some of Grafton Notch’s beauty and wildlife.

Two or three miles before entering the park, a sweet cow moose was enjoying eating in a small boggy area. She was delighted to learn she was going to be the star of the week at MaineUSA, and posed for at least a half hour.

The moose is the most popular member of the deer family in Maine. You might see them anywhere, but the mountains are where they are found in the largest numbers. They like to hang out in bogs where they eat the little plants that grow in the water.

Always be careful when you see a moose. There are times when they can be dangerous, and times when they will ignore your presence. But… you never know which it will be. So always remain in your car, and if you have a camera, take photos from the window.

Grafton Notch is an amazing repository of nature’s handiwork. Canyons, caverns, caves, waterfalls, and beautiful rock formations are scattered throughout the park. Screw Auger Falls, Moose Cave, and Mother Walker Falls are a few of the spectacular sights. Wildlife is everywhere. Keep your eyes open for moose, deer, bear, coyotes, and eagles.

Grafton Notch, Maine

Grafton Notch Foliage

Whenever the rain slowed down, or stopped for a while, there was a beautiful combination of mist and vibrant fall foliage. I am guessing the foliage will hit peak in Grafton Notch around the second week of October. It’s really beautiful now.

There are picnic tables and grills at the Screw Auger Falls Area. Sit by the water and enjoy your picnic and cookout. You’ll probably see a little chipmunk looking for a dropped piece of bread or cracker.

Maine is beautiful from north to south and east to west. Grafton Notch is in the Western Mountains of Maine and only a few miles from New Hampshire. Those with keen eyes will spot moose tracks along the side of the road, as well as the many moose wallows and bogs that are along the roadside or just inside the trees. Keep your eyes open for a good photo op.

Drive carefully, occasionally there are logging trucks driving through the notch, moose crossing the road, or walking down the middle, and other wildlife could be in the roadway. Use caution, have fun, and Discover Maine!

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