Vejibag – A Maine “Green” Business

Sally Erickson Founder of VejibagsIt was on the Internet that Vejibag founder Sally Erickson learned that humidity-loving vegetables don’t rot in a damp cloth. The Vejibag was about to be born. Sally was able to find women in her little community of Eastport, Maine, who were willing to sew the bags. You can read the entire interesting story on her website.

The Vejibag is an environmentally sound green product. Sally’s concern for the environment inspired her to design a bag that is of natural fiber, harmless to the environment, and reusable. The Vejibag keeps your wonderful fresh vegetables crisp and tasty for a week or more. That saves many dollars over a years time, when you consider almost 25% of fresh produce gets thrown away. The Vejibag allows vegetables to breathe. Plastic bags suffocates your veggies and they quickly turn bad.

Vejibags use 100% U.S. grown and milled Organic cotton fabric and thread, and they support U. S. 100% American Cotton Vejibaglocal economies. When you purchase and use Vejibags, you save money because your veggies stay fresh and crisp longer and you have no waste. You also support a Maine community business, and help the environment. That’s a pretty big accomplishment!

Check out the Vejibag website for full information on the company, and the beautiful and amazing Vejibag. You can order your Vejibags and maybe grab an extra as a gift for one of your veggie loving friends! VEJIBAG WEBSITE



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