Watch Out For Moose!

Maine Moose

Young Moose Bull about to cross the road.

Judith Hayes

Summer is here and the days are long. It’s a wonderful time for exploring areas of Maine that are new to you. Back roads and remote areas open up a world of exciting Maine scenes and adventures. From north to south and east to west, the state of Maine is an exciting place to be in the summer.

Maine is also home to a large population of wildlife, including the ever popular and beloved Maine moose. You are apt to see one almost anywhere, however some areas of the state have heavier populations than others. Moose seldom look out for drivers, making it very important for you to Watch Out For Moose!

The little moose in this picture was standing by the road about to cross. He didn’t look both ways before entering the roadway. Fortunately drivers coming in both directions were paying attention. The problem is that moose seem to appear out of nowhere and that can cause some pretty serious accidents if drivers are going too fast to stop. One night last month, seven accidents involving motorists striking moose were reported¬† in Aroostook County, according to a release from Maine State Police. That’s a lot of insurance claims for one night. Seldom do the drivers of the cars escape injury. Moose are large animals, the bulls can easily weigh over 1000 pounds.

When you see signs stating MOOSE the next 8 miles, or something similar, it doesn’t really matter what the posted speed limit is. Moose eyes do not reflect light at night, and they can be standing by the side of the road unnoticed until they venture across. If you are going too fast too stop, you may very well be involved in a moose-car collision. So keep your eyes open when you are in Moose country, and be prepared to Brake For Moose! It may save your life!

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