April in Maine

spring crocusAffectionately called “Mud Season” by Mainers, this month is when “ice out” occurs on ponds and lakes (often preceded by some betting on the date for a specific lake), and the month when boards start appearing (even flattened cardboard boxes) in driveways and walkways to prevent cars (and feet) from getting stuck in mud. Very few rural Mainers will have a paved driveway… ain’t natural! Crocus, daffodils, and tulips make their appearance, often with an occasional dusting of snow just to be a bit dramatic. April is the month of transition. When the temperatures finally hit the high 30s and low 40s, shorts and t-shirts start showing up on grocery store shoppers. Convertible tops go down, sun roofs open, and motorcycles make appearances at 45 degrees (Fahrenheit of course… this is Maine).  Snow starts to melt (sometimes too quickly), the sap is running great, and flood warnings are issued on a daily basis. Ice fishing shacks have to be pulled off the lake’s now, before they sink to the bottom. Ice Fishing in MaineIt’s the month every Mainer looks forward to after a long winter. An occasional summer camp owner (from away) will venture into the state to see if the road to their camp is passable. A lot of them give it a try and get stuck in the beautiful Maine mud. They love telling their stories back in the office about the treacherous trip to Maine, where winter spends its summers. All in all, spring in Maine is a beautiful time and we love to celebrate it!



April 4,5,6 – The BDN Garden Show and Spring Fling – Visit their website for complete information. WEBSITE

APRIL 4,5,6 – Annual Parrothead Festival at Sunday River – Visit their website for a full schedule of fun events. WEBSITE

APRIL 11,12,13 – Ogunquit Patriot’s Day Celebration – Historic reenactments, fife and drums, and a beach bazaar are just a few of the events. Visit WEBSITE for more information.

April 25,26,27 – Fisherman’s Festival in Boothbay Harbor – A fantastic weekend featuring trap hauling, the blessing of the fleet, races, and a fish fry. Visit the WEBSITE to check out many other events.

SPRING IN MAINE is a beautiful time of year. Grab you jacket and boots and come on up!!



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