Cheryl Johnson – Maine Artist/Illustrator and Author

My friend Cheryl Johnson is a talented Maine artist/illustrator and writer of children’s books. She is one of My Maine People and I am delighted to introduce you to her talent and her books. My younger grandchildren have her books and I highly recommend them all. They are fun, whimsical, adventurous, and teach good values in a fun and exciting way. Her characters are beautifully and brightly illustrated, and grownups enjoy these books as much as children do. If you have children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other children you love… take a couple of minutes and listen to Cheryl’s story and see her books and the wonderful characters she has created. Selling her books will enable Cheryl to pay off her student loans. She already had a family when she was finally able to go to college. She graduated and then the worst thing possible happened. She was diagnosed with cancer. Surgery and recovery meant she couldn’t work for sometime and the interest on the loans kept piling up until it is now impossible to pay, unless people learn about her talent and artistry and start buying her amazing children’s books. Once you read one book, you will want them all. One of her characters is Sidley the Snail. He’s a special character and very wise. Sidley the Snail is anxious to meet you and tell you about his creator Chery Johnson!!! Please take a moment and listen. Thanks!!


Cheryl’s books are available on and

If you happen to live in Maine, her books are available at Longfellow Books in Portland and at the Bridgton Bookstore in Bridgton. Your children will love these books and the great cast of characters. The Mish the Mushroom man series is ongoing with more great titles to come. The next book currently under production is the “THREE MISHKATEERS” – featuring Mish, Chonk, and world traveler Sidley the Snail. Her latest book is “Pobkin” and is a story about a dwelf with a bad attitude. These are great books that appeal to children through their fun stories, characters, and beautiful illustrations. These books are perfect for gifts for your own children and grandparents will love to get them too. As a grandmother myself, I know how much fun it is to have great stories to read to my grandchildren.

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