The Beautiful Gardens of Maine

Maine is a beautiful place anytime of the year! With summer vacation time on the horizon, make plans now to spend your vacation in Maine. The coast of Maine offers beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful seafood, fishing, whale watching cruises, lighthouses, and much more. If camping, boating, hunting, and fishing are more your style, the foothills and mountains of Maine offer it all.

Maine LupinesSpringtime brings flowers, and beautiful lupines grow along many Maine roadways. Please enjoy the beauty and take all the photographs you want… But please don’t pick the flowers. Leave them for others to enjoy.

Lady Slippers can be spotted along dirt roads, in wooded areas, and by brooks and streams. These delicate flowers are becoming rare. They are most commonly found in shades of pink and white, but beautiful yellow blooms may be found occasionally. Maine Lady SlippersA visit to McLaughlin Gardens in South Paris, Maine will afford you the opportunity to view many wildflowers as well as beautiful gardens of domestically grown flowers, including one of the largest collection of lilacs in Maine.

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are located in Boothbay, and will amaze you with their beauty. The gardens are handicapped accessible and offer free shuttle service, free wheelchairs, and motor cart rentals.

Viles Arboretum is in Augusta, and is open from dawn till dusk. During the winter months it provides an excellent backdrop for cross-country skiing. There’s no charge for the use of this beautiful nature acreage, but I would suggest making a donation to help this organization continue to provide such a wonderful place for vacationers and Maine families to visit, learn, and use. Among the treasures hidden in away within the arboretum are the Hosta Garden, the Native Plants Garden, the Governor’s Grove, the Chestnut Collection, the Rock Garden, and the Spring Lilac Collection. That’s only a few things you’ll find there. A number of classes and learning experiences are

Viles Arboretum - Augusta, Maine

The Beautiful Rock Garden at Viles

offered. Call to inquire as class space may be limited. Fees are associated with most classes. Viles has also made sure there are some programs that are wheelchair accessible. If you have special needs, they do request you notify them in advance of your visit to insure your experience at the Viles Arboretum is pleasant and comfortable.

Maine is beautiful in the spring. Whether you come for a weekend or a week, you will fall in love with Maine’s beauty and people. We look forward to seeing you soon!! Oh, and if you are so fortunate as to live in Maine… get out and enjoy your state and support your local businesses!

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