Port Clyde Harbor, Maine

pc_000Early in July, my granddaughter Karlee and I went to Port Clyde for a little photography fun. We had reservations to go on a Monhegan Boat Line cruise and stayed at the lovely Seaside Inn Bed and Breakfast.

The weather was perfect, and once we had checked into the bed and breakfast, we headed off to the boat. We had plenty of sunscreen and applied it liberally to our faces and lips, but we still managed to get sunburned all around the edges of our faces.

Once on board, Captain Pete explained what we could expect on the 2 1/2 hour cruise. Cameras in hand, we were ready to take pictures of anything and everything, and we did. The scenery was spectacular, and we had wonderful commentary from Captain Pete. It was a great day and the sea air was exhilarating. To see some of the many pictures taken on the trip, CLICK HERE



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