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Red's Eats

Red's Eats

There is only one pure, authentic Maine Lobster Roll. It’s not a salad, and it’s not some mystery seafood medley. It’s choice pieces of fresh-picked Maine Lobster meat, packed into a roll with a dish of drawn butter on the side. There are no hidden ingredients, and no seasonings’ just good ole Maine lobstah!

One of the most visited spots for an authentic Maine Lobster roll is Red’s Eats in Wiscassett, Maine. Red’s assures their customer’s that each lobster roll contains all the meat of a one pound lobster. During the summer months, the wait can be as long as an hour to get one of these famous lobster rolls. People say it’s more than worth the wait.

Red’s has a great menu in addition to their famous lobster rolls. All kinds of seafood, great french fries and onion rings, and lots of items for picky kids too! The next time you are in Maine, or anywhere within a day’s driving, it’s worth your time to drive to Red’s to get a meal truly fit for a king!

Red’s has a Facebook page you can visit. You’ll find it here. – Red’s Facebook Page

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