Maine History

People in Maine’s History: Maine has a rich history of Indians, soldiers, wars, and peace. Like every state, Maine had its struggles, but it had them sooner then most. Maine was directly involved with the battles between England and France, complicated by the loyalty of the southern Indian tribes to the English and the northern and western tribes loyalty to the French. The stories are told through first person accounts as well as through stories passed down from one generation to another. I have been studying the history of Maine since I was a child and I will never finish before I die. I hope you enjoy the stories and the photographs I share with you.

If you have any documented stories, or photographs you would like to share with the readers, please contact us and we will be happy to share them and give you full credit.

MetallukLone Indian of the Magalloway

Abenaki LegendsGluskabe Changes Maple Syrup

Vintage Photos: You are welcome to use any of the VINTAGE photos, in the vintage photo section of this site, on your website or blog, with a link back to – I put in a lot of time collecting these photos and cleaning them up. Sometimes I purchase photos. A link back to this site is appreciated. New photos will be added regularly, so check back often. No other photography from this site may be used without written permission of the photographer holding the copyright.

Civil War – Photos and Drawings

Vintage Maine PhotosMiscellaneous Page One

Vintage Maine Postcards

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